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Dec 13 ,2017

Application of anti-acid&alkali fabrics in military protective clothing

Do you know application of anti-acid&alkali fabrics in military protective clothing?The traditional military protective clothing is simply for the soldiers to wind-chill,however, these functions can not meet the problems encountered in the military process. The role of anti-acid-base fabrics in the military is of paramount importance.
New types of conventional weapons, nuclear, chemical and biological weapons and new concept weapons in modern high-tech battlefields are causing more and more damage to soldiers,so the protective clothing on the battlefield is the last line of defense against a variety of injuries.General battlefield protective clothing and general workwear should also have the function of flame retardant,anti-acid&alkali,anti-static,anti-electromagnetic radiation, oil and water repellent,Waterproof and breathable,anti- UV. It can protect the human body in extreme environments or must have several protective functions according to the specific use in different situation.
Therefore, the current protective clothing is not only cold-proof, but also has to resist the danger of biochemical war performance, anti-acid&alkali fabric application just solve this problem.

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