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Jan 02 ,2018

Application of flame retardant fabric to classification

Application of flame retardant fabric to classification.Flame-retardant fabrics can be treated with flame retardant for materials and structures to reduce the probability of fire and the rate of development.The classification and characteristics of the flame retardant method: the flame retardant is divided into two kinds: reactive and addition according to their use.The addition type flame retardant can be divided into an organic flame retardant and an inorganic flame retardant , and the flame - retardant property of the resin is endowed with certain flame - retardant property after mechanical mixing with the resin , and is mainly used in resins such as polyolefin , polyvinyl chloride , polystyrene and the like .The advantages of the additive flame retardant are that it is convenient to use and has wide adaptability, but it has a great influence on the performance of the polymer. The reactive flame retardant takes part in the reaction as a reactive monomer and makes the polymer contain flame retardant components.Additive flame retardants are used in Polycondensation reactions such as polyurethane, unsaturated polyester, epoxy resin, polycarbonate and so on.The reactive flame retardant has the advantage of imparting permanent flame retardancy to the composition or polymer .

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