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Apr 14 ,2017

High Quality Frecotex™ for Construction 

How much do you know about Frecotex™? here are some notes about high quality Frecotex™. Through many years of developing and testing, Xinke Protective introduced the new flame retardant finish: Frecotex™in 2009. The features are as follows:
1.Optimal protective properties;
2. Extremly low formaldehyde content;
3.Neutral smel and soft touchl;
4. Oeco-Tex 100& REACH certified;
5. Exceptional colour quality;
6. Professional in-house testing and quality assurance of each production.
Also, it’s comfortable, breathable, environmental, cost performance and popular in normal work of construction and Oil&Gas industry. 

Because of the high, consistent quality is Frecotx™ has become the new standard for many industrial companies all over the world! 


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