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May 27 ,2017

The Importance of Cotton Anti-Mosquito for Outdoor Workers

Do you know the importance of cotton anti-mosquito for outdoor workers?Wearing it, your employees will not be worried about being bitten by insects when working. Because some insects will bite through clothes, which will take much discomfort.
It is believed that many people have been infected with the insect transmitted disease. According to the statistics of authority organization in the Europe and the U.S, even today, many causes of illness and death were caused by insect transmission. The fabric of Xinke insect and bacteria protection could effectively protect the bite of insect and keep your health.
Here are some advantages of cotton anti-mosquito for outdoor workers:
1.Non-toxic, No odor, No stimulation to skin;
2.Durable and comfortable for wearing;
3.Repels rates reach 90%, repellency to mosquitoes rate reach 100%, inhibition rate reach 100%;
4.Comply with OEKO-TEX 100 and reach;
5.Protection for up to 70 washes.
Xinke Protective is devoted to supplying PPE products to the world.
Choose Xinke, Choose Quality!


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